Membership “E-sąskaita”

If you want to buy yearly membership but you can’t or do not want to pay all membership price at once, E-sąskaita membership lets You to pay for your membership in monthly payments. All you have to do is to sign E-sąskaita agreement. When you sign E-sąskaita agreement, price (19.95 euros + administrative fee) for your membership is automatically transfered to FitClub 24/7 every month. How does this work?

  1. You can sign E-sąskaita agreement by buying membershib online or you can sign agreement in the club (V. Krėvės av. 57, Kaunas or Šiaurės av. 8D, Kaunas) . Don’t forget to have your ID and bank account number.
  2. After You sign E-sąskaita agreement, you have to set automatic payments through Electronic banking system. 
  3. Once you are already set – payment for membership (19.95 euros) will be automaticaly tranfered to our system every month. 
  4. That’s all!

 Monthly payment of E-sąskaita membership starts counting from the first day of the month. For example: if you bought e-sąskaita on the first day of the month – you will have to pay  full price of 19.95 euros, but if you bought your membership on the second, third or later days of the month – payment will be calculated from the day you bought your membership.



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